Time Zone Aerobar

Carbon time zone aerobars for time-trial and triathlon, flexible to change the angle and setting.

US$ 982.15

  • The Time Zone Aerobar have 2 extension. (width: 90mm & 178mm by reversing the extension clamp)
  • You can add the spacers 20mm, 40mm and 60mm to make higher, that’ll be comfortable.
  • When you extend the Time- Trial or Triatholn, just opposite the aerobar.
  • Easy to set the most suitable for yourself.
  • Triangle section with the handlebar for better control.
  • Material:UD Carbon
  • Width:400mm
  • Length:Max: 300mm(C to Top), Min: 240mm
  • Extension Bar:S Bar, R/L Angle: 10°
  • Armrests R/L Adjustable:R/30mm, L/30mm
  • Armrests F/B Adjustable:F/50mm, B/50mm
  • Armrest's +/- Adjustble Angle:10° (+/-5°)
  • Option Spacers:20mm/40mm/60mm
  • Weight:680g
  • Color:Red/Gray