Aero Cockpit Plus

Carbon clip-on aerobars for time-trial and triathlon that weigh just 259g.

US$ 295.51

  • A stunning-looking set of light, aerodynamic compact aerobars.
  • The Aero Cockpit Plus utilises 3k carbon – with an incredible 3,000 filaments per fibre – which is stronger than 1k carbon and lighter than 12k carbon.
  • Vibration-dampening 3k carbon ensures a smooth and comfortable ride over the roughest of roads.
  • Titanium hardware delivers further weight savings, as well as adding strength and durability.
  • Incredible adjustability of 68mm fore-and-aft to suit every rider, including time-triallists looking for a greater stretch in their all-out efforts, and triathletes seeking a more conservative stretch
  • to conserve energy for the run.
  • Easy to attach to, and detatch from, your handlebars thanks to 31.8mm bar clamps, to switch between TT and road setups.
  • Comfortable arms pad.
  • Bridge connects extensions for increased hand comfort
  • Bridge for fitting bike computer on.
  • Astonishing total weight just 259g.
  • Made For:Time-trial and triathlon
  • Material:3k carbon and titanium hardware
  • Fits:31.8mm bars
  • Fore-and-aft adjustability:68mm
  • Weight:259g